Friday, April 11, 2014

My Writing Experience

I couldnt argue which is a great skill for people like me to use against my brother. But in all seriousnes I love to have this skill.

My Reading Experience

I have read 11 books thinps year soon to be 12 but if you think that I havent read alot then its because I long challenging books and that is also a way I have grown as a reader. I have started reading longer and harder books for myself.


I feel that my nonfiction poster for Ivan The Terrible but because I didnt understand the unit to my satisfaction. I never asked for extra help or anything else but I still think I couldve done better on my own.

My Best Work

My best work was my extinction paper, not because I had a good grade on it (whichI did) but because I learned alot about arguing, not the kind of arguing me and my brother do but arguing to get your point across the the opponent by giving info on your topic and usingntheir info against them. This unit was one of the most fun because teachers usually tell you not to argue wo you get to do sonething that you don't usually get to do. I learned a lot in this unit and that is why not only this paper but this whole unit was one of my favorite units and one of my best units.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Introduction to Raphael

This class has had some of the most fun and interesting units Ive ever seen. From nonfiction to info-graphics Ive learned to write it all. I enjoyed our unit with the info-graphics, the nonfiction unit and the writing unit at the very beginning of the year. Those activities made me feel like I could just let my mind flow and I could make whatever I was doing mine and special to me. The other units. Were also fun but these made me feel the most creative and that I was making it and I wasn't just copying it from a paper.

My favorite books:
  1. The Dragons Lair
  2. The House of Hades
  3. The Kneebone Boy